Practice safe design,
use a concept.

the story so far…

By day I’m half of simple business model, she designs – he prints! By night and sometimes by day I use my colouring in powers for good and am an Illustrator. I enjoy both analogue and digital design and find the combination of them a really powerful tool. It’s a joy to explore all that illustration has to offer and I’m so lucky to be able to incorporate it into my day job.

Having studied visual communications many years ago and spent a long time enjoying designing for ink on paper projects, in 2016 I decided to do an illustration course. The plan was this would reignite my creativity and focus my doodling into a coherent practice. Following that I did a course with Central St. Martins in illustration and this cemented my enthusiasm for the area. Following that (Ok I kinda got into doing courses) with a picturebook course, I had found yet another area that got my brain turning. Since 2016, my creative output has massively increased and my process and approach to projects has reached a new level. I now enjoy combining my day job as a Graphic Designer with my illustration work. I’ve recently completed several commisioned illustrations for a variety of commercial projects, and I’m loving it. Find something that you enjoy and it’s not work….old but true!

notable things…

Way back when… Visual Communications – Athlone RTC, Graphic Design and Animation – Fitzwilliam Institute, City and Guilds Marketing – FAS.


2016 – Exhibited in Typography Museum Chania – Part of Posters on Typography Exhibition

2016/17 – Completed Illustration Bootcamp Course

2017 – Completed a Dublin Canvas Box

2017 – Completed Illustration Shortcourse with Central St Martins

2017/18 – Completed Picturebook Illustration Course

2018 – Accepted and exhibited at Fumetto Comic Festival Luzern

2018 – Part of a group exhibition with Drawin’ Together

2019 – Completed another Dublin Canvas Box (love this initiative)